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Do your customers know who you are any what services you offer?  That was an issue that Dr. Todd Linaman of Relational Advantage (Tucson, AZ) was dealing with.  His previous web site suffered from a classic case of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".  The site was difficult to navigate with inconsistent menus.  Different sections of the site made you think you were looking at something you already saw, and the content that was there didn't make it clear who Dr. Todd Linaman is and what he does.

We worked side by side with Merge Left Marketing to help Relational Advantage identify all of the important aspects of the company and prioritized them for the web.  Relational Advantage's primary focus is on Coaching, Consulting, and training which are now key elements of the home page and the main navigation.  We added detailed information about Dr. Todd Linaman on the home page and from the main navigation beause he is the driving force behind Relational Advantage.  In addition to providing essential information about the company we decided to make great resources available for free like an incredible article library, interactive polling, sign-up options for several newsletters and a site search to provide people with another mechanism to find what they were looking for.

Relational Advantage already had a website and it even had a Content Management System, so why would they switch to a new system after already making a significant investment in the old site?  One of the key reasons was that the old system was difficult to use and not easily expandable.  In fact, the company that developed the system didn't even want to consider making enhancements to it when Dr. Todd Linaman requested.  Since making the switch Dr. Todd has been very pleased with the results and has even expanded the site to include e-commerce functionality.

If your site suffers from the "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" virus, then give us a call.

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