New River Community Church

New River Community Church (Lake Wylie, SC) had just launched a brand new website several months before they asked us to create one, so what happened?  What was wrong with the first one?  Well after using their previous site for only a few months, they already felt trapped by it's limited functionality and performance.  The previous site was built so they could maintain it using  Adobe  Contribute which works with HTML templates allowing you to update the information that appears on the various pages.  Contribute is a step-up from manually creating HTML pages and uploading them to your website, but it's not a Content Management System like Latitude.  Contribute does not build any of your sites navigation for you, the information that does show up is static meaning you can't have content automatically appear based on dates or show up in a random rotation on your home page and it can't help you with things like photo galleries, online giving or podcasting.  In addition Contribute was slow taking 10-15 minutes in some cases just to save the changes made on one page.

Fortunately we were able to take this negative experience and turn it into something amazing.  The home page is chock full of great information now that is updated on a regular basis.  They now highlight a rotation of upcoming events, feature details on the current weekend series in the middle of the page along with a rotation of details on key ministries in the church.  They have two information blocks to update visitors on important information like the status of their new building.  They can also feature different areas of their site with graphic based ads to bring attention to things like their podcast and online giving.

Each page of the site includes consistent navigation which is dynamically created for them by Latitude.  They also include key links at the top of every page for people that might be visiting for the first time, and to highlight service times and directions.

Their podcast is integrated into iTunes making it easy for visitors to subscribe.  For those who are not interested in subscribing, the messages are also available to listen directly from the website.  A running list including all of their audio messages is available and leverages a flash based mp3 player so the messages play directly from that page.  The latest series page also includes the audio player for the messages that have already taken place in that series.

New River' online giving page is setup to accept both one time gifts as well as recurring monthly gifts.  The page is integrated with an online payment gateway called which makes it possible for them to accept credit cards.  Using their Latitude control panel they are able to manage all of the donations that were made on the website.

"It is both an honor and a privilege for me to recommend The Visual Studio to you.  We needed a solution that would allow us to easily manage content on our site as well as the ability to keep the site up to date.  In addition, we needed a solution that offered us the capacity to grow our site to keep up with our growing community and to offer quality resources.  The Visual Studio provided us a great solution to all our needs.  We got a timely solution, a great value, and superb support." - Arthur Mace - Senior Pastor

If you're ready for some of the dynamic features that New River is using, give us a call.

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