Kimberly Sowell

Kimberly Sowell is a Women's Christian speaker through her Kingdom Heart Ministries headquartered in South Carolina.  Kimberly was motivated to get a website because she wanted to bring more attention to her ministry, she was getting ready to join a women's revival tour and she had some products she was trying to sell.  Initially Kimberly thought that the price of the project would be more than she could spend.  After carefully praying about the site, she had a strong sense that this was the right way to accomplish what she needed. 

The site is powered by Latitude, our custom content management system.  This makes it very easy for Kimberly to manage the information about her ministry including her calendar of events, products she has for sale, quotes from satisfied customers, recommended resources and Bible verses, a newsletter sign-up, and video samples from some of her speaking events.

Before we started the project, Kimberly couldn't even imagine how this site would transform her ministries but just listen to what she has to say now.

"I first heard about The Visual Studio from a group of colleagues who had worked with them in the past. They were very pleased with the results, and I was impressed with their website as well. Once I began talking with them about the possibilities for my own site, I could tell immediately that he was going to be able to connect the creativity and the technological expertise that I was looking for in a web designer."

"Working with The Visual Studio was an amazing process. I described with words what I envisioned my site to look like, and they took those words and created the design. Every step of the development was very professional and done in a timely fashion, and I got not only what I asked for, but a site that exceeded my own expectations. They developed a site that is very professional, very functional, and that captures my personality."

"I now have a website that represents the spirit of excellence that I also try to bring to my ministry. The site is an effective tool in communicating what my ministry is all about, and I am receiving feedback almost daily from people all over the world." - Kimberly Sowell

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