First Baptist: Mooresville

First Baptist Church of Mooresville NC had a website but it was showing its age.  The worst part about the site was that the church staff had to send any changes they needed to an outside company so they could update the HTML based pages with the new information.  This led to frustration as out-dated information could frequently be found throughout the site.  The site design wasn't compliant with the latest browsers either and when the site was opened content would appear in strange places.

When the Church reached out to The Visual Studio they knew what they were looking for.  They needed a website that they could maintain themselves in order to keep their attendees informed on the latest happenings in the life of the church.  They wanted a clean design that wasn't too progressive, and they needed some basic member's only functionality.

The resulting website included rotating events on the home page that are date-driven so they disappear from the site after the event has taken place... no more stale content on the site.  These same events show up in several other places on the site including an online calendar and on ministry specific pages.  The event is only added to the system once, but with the power of Latitude, the events show up in all of these places.  The home page includes other key information detailing some of the main activities that are taking place, all of which FBC Mooresville can maintain from their Latitude control panel.  A basic member's only section was created so the church can share information to their members if they log into the site with a User ID and Password.  Finally we added a photo gallery which allows the church to share pictures from some of the events that aew taking place.

If you're ready to take control of your website like FBC Mooresville, then give us a call.  We would love to hear all about you.

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