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The Countryside Montessori School in Charlotte NC was struggling with their existing static website.  The school was looking for a more effective way to communicate with several groups of people.  Prospective families looking for information regarding what the school offers; Existing students and parents to communicate what's activities and sporting events are taking place; alumni and other donors, making it easy for them to support the school.  Leveraging Latitude, our Content Management System, they are now able to deliver unlimited content to speak to families looking for information about what the school can offer their children.  They have incorporated the events module and our new athletics module so students and parents know what’s coming up on the calendar , and they incorporated online giving that is integrated with so donors and alumni can easily support their school of choice.  Feedback after the site launch has been very positive stating the site is clean, organized and there is a lot of information.

Here is a summary of the features you'll find on the Countryside website:
Form Manager
General Information Pages
Online Giving
Photo Gallery
Site Search

Countryside chose to utilize The Visual Studio services because it was the most feasible solution for our school. We were looking for a fresh, new look with an experienced web designer.
Steve was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He offered solutions that gave the school a professional image and was able to work within our tight budget. He was also very patient with staff and volunteers of the school as we worked through process.
The new website is functional and offers the administrators and easy option to manage content. Our current and prospective parents have made many positive comments on the user-friendly website. Parents have said, "Finding information is quick and easy and the school communication has opened up tremendously."
Overall the experience with The Visual Studio has been wonderful. We would recommend Steve to anyone looking for a comprehensive website that is professional and easy to use.

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