Christ Community Church

Christ Community Church is well established in the Tucson Arizona area and was trying to further ingrain their mission and vision in the surrounding community.
In order to meet the expectations of reaching the surrounding community more effectively and decisively, they did a couple important things.

First – they brought in a brand consultant, versed in the non-profit world, who helped them identify exactly how to reach the community more impactfully.

Second – they followed the recommendation of the brand consultation and focused the next step on fully integrating their web development solutions so as to best position their web site for the user-focused experience.  This would address the congregation in a more personal and dynamic way – thus building more comfort and a better, more enriching experience for the user as well as the administrative staff. The Visual Studio was the perfect choice for this elevation strategy.

 A few key elements were targeted:

1. Developing greater organizational capacity – the ability to have more people participate in the administration of the new site was key to the future success of the church site. The addition of a strong Content Management System was imperative.

2. Creating a site that exhibited (looked and felt) the churches mission and vision more appropriately. The site they had used heavy graphics and large files which slowed the usefulness of the site.  Additionally, the site was page based – which meant it always had to lead whenever people navigated to secondary pages.

3. Creating a way to elevate the user experience through dynamic pages and more professional appearance and navigation.

4. A safe and secure website that could be trusted with donor information.

5. Better Search Engine optimization.  The current site was not searchable.  Thus, the user could only find the church if they knew the specific URL. Additionally, the church had no tools to measure the performance or usefulness of any pages.

The Outcome -

Their previous website was developed using iWeb, an Apple product great for building personal/family based websites but it’s not capable of creating dynamic web sites. The Visual Studio was able to take Christ Community Church’s new site to an entirely different level by adding a ton of exciting features including:

1. The ability to add an unlimited number of pages with a powerful Content Management System that reduced soft costs and afforded more efficiency.
2. Strong branding and design.
3. Online events calendar with registration options including online payment.
4. An online catalog of their weekly sermons including an iTunes podcast.
5. Blogs for every staff member – with the ability to turn the user comments “on” or “off”.
6. Online giving options including one-time gifts and automated recurring billing.
7. The ability to create custom forms to capture information from their visitors in a secure environment.
8. Unlimited photo galleries to help people experience events they might have missed.
9. The ability to track visitors and measure the success of the pages that were developed.
10.  Minimal charges outside the initial design and programming phase.  This time next year, unless new project initiatives come up, they will have only the minimal hosting and email fees.  No expensive yearly licensing or hosting costs.

Feedback about the site has been great.  Church staff enjoys the “ease of use” from the Content Management System.  Visitors have been enjoying the volume of new content including events, online giving, podcasts and blogs. And the leadership is pleased with the design, reduction in stress and efficiency in the entire web development package.  

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